Student Profile: Rimshat

I am from Lahore. My basic purpose in life is to get education and serve humanity in a better way, which is why I have opted for a professional degree. Honestly, the mission statement of FCCU inspired me and that is “BY LOVE SERVE ONE ANOTHER.”  


My father was the only earning head of my family. I recently lost him. He was a shopkeeper. Now my elder brother is supporting the family. We are six siblings and three of us are currently studying. My father was a shopkeeper, so I applied for financial aid to meet my educational dues. After his death, our financial situation has only gotten worse and I want to get educated. There is no compromise on my end as far as my education is concerned. I am grateful to FCCU and all its donors who make it possible for me to continue my education here.


FCCU has dragged me out of my shy shell and given me the confidence to be more vocal and strong. My father has always wanted to see me as an independent woman and work in the field from which I can serve humanity around me. I don’t think there is a better place than FCCU, because it empowers the students in terms of their academic, moral, and personal growth. My future goal is to complete my degree and go into research and development for the pharmaceutical industry. I want to develop effective ways to help humans fight against fatal infections that are unable to be cured at this time.

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