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Friends of Forman Christian College

Mission Statement

Friends of Forman Christian College is dedicated to supporting the high-quality educational mission of Forman Christian College to develop informed, ethical and responsible citizens of Pakistan who exemplify the FCCU motto, “By love serve one another".

Forman Christian College

At a Glance

Forman Christian College is currently the only university in Pakistan offering a liberal arts baccalaureate education, providing a balance of depth and breadth of learning.


All Baccalaureate students take a required number of courses in humanities, physical and natural sciences, mathematics and information technology, and social sciences in addition to their major courses.




FCC is a liberal arts institution where students of all backgrounds – men and women, Christian and Muslim – interact and learn together. Forman is successfully demonstrating a model of interfaith harmony to a nation and culture historically deeply divided along the lines of religion, class, and gender.




How Can You Help?

"Forman Christian College is training tomorrow’s leaders in an environment of peace, care and mutual respect. I view Forman Christian College as a true beacon of hope for the future."

Tom Taylor, President & CEO of the Presbyterian Foundation

“Who would believe that there is a distinctively Christian university in the heart of a Muslim nation that brings together people of all faiths on a campus that some students describe as a slice of heaven? Who would believe that, unabashedly in the name of Christ, people of all faiths are living and learning together, both men and women, the rich as well as the poorest of the poor, becoming leaders of the nation they love? All this and more is taking place at Forman Christian College in Lahore, Pakistan,
and that is why I am passionate about sharing my time and treasure for its vital mission.”

Rev. Dr. David A. Renwick, Board Chair Of Friends of Forman

"In the strategic nation of Pakistan, we have a college where Christians and Muslims are working and living together in harmony to create the future vision for their nation…Forman provides a model for interfaith relations that is firmly based in the gospel message."

Dr. Vic Pentz, former senior minister of Peachtree Presbyterian Church

"I always walked so proudly on campus because we were all treated equally. I could be friends with Muslims. Muslim students weren’t embarrassed to ask me for help or for my notes. This isn’t the case in other places. This experience gave me power, it gave me the courage to explore and enhance my skills."

Mrs. Aroona Arthur, forman Christian College alumni

"Academic excellence through a Western style Liberal Arts program, steeped in Christian-based values, both unheard of in Pakistan, is our reason for being."

Michael Murphy, Forman Faculty member

"By love, serve one another."

Galatians 5:13

"At Forman Christian College, the institution fully respects individual human dignity and students receive the kind of education they will not receive anywhere else in Pakistan – one which opens their eyes to other worlds."

Dr. Jim Tebbe, Former Rector of Forman Christian College

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