My mother and aunt were the first two women in their family to attend college; there was never a question that my sister and I would continue our education when it was our time, there was only a question of where we might enroll. This single decision supporting the women in the generation ahead to complete college changed the course of our family. Today we are at a third generation positively influenced as my nieces are enrolled in college.  


This path is not unique to women in the U.S.; we see change in the women we educate at Forman Christian College. Historically, many young women in Pakistan are out of the educational system by their early teen years; their parents see little need in spending the money to keep them in school when they will likely marry at a young age and stay home to raise children. UNICEF’s research tells us that only 29% of young women in Pakistan finish secondary school. We know we broaden horizons through education, and our graduates take their place as contributing members of society while encouraging siblings and cousins to stay in school, often helping to pay the bill to ensure this trend continues. Once they begin their own families, the question of educating daughters is not discussed. It is automatically understood they will be educated.


Dr. Jim Tebbe, College Rector at FCC said that if you want to change a culture, you must educate the women. For $2,500 a year, a student in Pakistan receives a high-quality American-style university education at Forman Christian College. A bargain by American standards, this adds value to generations that goes well beyond the monetary measurement.
This year I choose to honor the memory of my remarkable mother on Mother’s Day by giving the gift of scholarships for female students at Forman Christian College. I hope you will join me in honoring or remembering the mother, grandmother, aunt or sister who influenced your life, making it possible for more young women to be part of the changing culture of Pakistan through education at FCC. 


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Susan Mann
Development Associate
Friends of Forman Christian College



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