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Is Friends of Forman a part of Forman Christian College (FCC)?

Friends of Forman is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States dedicated to supporting Forman Christian College (FCC) in Lahore, Pakistan. While the entities are independent and each has its own board of directors, Friends of Forman works solely to support FCC.

How did Friends of Forman Christian College (FFCC) begin its mission?

In 1972, the Pakistani government took control of all private colleges. In 2003, Forman Christian College was returned to the Presbyterian Church (USA). The church provided a memorandum of understanding in which it gave the management of the property and the institution to a local Pakistani Christian Board of Directors. Friends of Forman was founded to help FCC rebuild and return to its former position as a highly regarded university. Friends of Forman supports FCC by fundraising in the United States for much needed scholarships, leadership support and capital improvements.

Are my donations to Friends of Forman tax deductible?

YES! Friends of Forman Christian College is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you or your accountant desire(s) further information, please contact us. While we are registered to solicit gifts in a number of states, Florida asks that we post our Florida registration number (CH43225).

What Is The Christian population in Pakistan?

Christianity is the second largest religious minority in Pakistan after Hinduism. The total number of Christians in Pakistan is estimated at 2.5 million, or 1.5% of the population. Of these, approximately half are Roman Catholic and half Protestant.

Christians are among the poorest and most alienated groups in Pakistan; statistics say that on average, only 6% of Christians there can read on any level. Forman Christian College is a source of hope for our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan, providing a safe environment where personal belief and intellectual curiosity can be explored and strengthened. All who come onto the campus are extended the umbrella of God’s grace, allowing Christians and Muslims the opportunity to come to know one another, many for the first time. Tolerance is expected, and in this environment unfounded prejudices can be erased. The expected end result is a more peaceful future for Pakistan, and a better life for Christians as they become confident, educated members of the community.

How is FCC A College and a University?

Forman Christian College consists of two distinct schools. Our college, or intermediate program, is all male (males and females are segregated in intermediate school as directed by Punjabi law), and follows curriculum determined by the government. The Intermediate program serves students who are of equivalent age to high school juniors and seniors in the U.S.

The co-educational university, which is modeled on the U.S. four-year liberal arts program, a first in Pakistan, includes BA degrees, Master’s degrees and Ph.D. programs. Collectively the two are referred to as Forman Christian College, FCC, FCCU, or, most popular in Pakistan, FC College.

Does FCC accept everyone regardless of gender or religion?

Yes! Forman doesn’t discriminate against anyone, regardless of circumstances. Everyone, male or female, rich or poor, of any faith or background, can apply and, if qualified, be awarded scholarships to attend Forman Christian College. They will receive a quality education which will enrich them and the community around them for the rest of their lives.

How are my restricted gifts used to support Forman Christian College?

Friends of Forman Christian College works to provide scholarship support, missionary support and capital project  support to Forman Christian College. A small portion (15%) of all restricted gifts is used to fund the mission of Friends in the United States and to support our missionaries at Forman. 85% of all gifts go directly to Forman Christian College to support the work being done on campus. For more information about restricted gifts, please contact Sandy O’Meara, CFO, at

Who was Dr. Charles Forman?

Click here to download an article written by his grandson, Dr. Henry Forman.