This August, we planned to share the news about the arrival of Dr. Jonathan Mitchell and his family on campus in preparation to become Forman’s next rector. However, we received the unexpected news that the Pakistan visas for Dr. Mitchell and his family had been cancelled. Upon learning this, we worked with our contacts at the highest levels of government, only to learn that the possibility of an appeal was impossible, and this decision was final. Sadly, both the Mitchells and Forman have to believe that this door was closed by God for a reason, so we will now begin a process to identify who should be the next rector of Forman Christian College. We are grateful that Dr. Jim Tebbe will remain as rector of the college until a suitable replacement is found. Please pray for the Mitchell family, for Jim’s continued leadership of FCCU and for the search team formed by Friends of Forman to recruit a new rector nominee. If you have suggestions of possible candidates or further questions, please feel free to contact Rev. Sam Schreiner, our executive director, at sschreiner@friendsofforman.org.

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