Dear Friends of Forman,


If you had the privilege of attending a residential college, think about this with me: where did you spend some of your most memorable moments on that campus? Was it in the classroom? 

As formative as the lecture hall may be, students are in classes only 12-15 hours a week. For me the best times were interacting with fellow students in the dorms at night, in the cafeteria over a meal or working on a class project. My mind was stretched by the vast resources contained in the library located just across the quad.


The kind of space where these things happen is lacking at Forman. We have residential housing for less than 20% of our students. Our dining and library facilities were built for an enrollment of 1,200. Where will our 4,000 University level students meet, eat, discuss and form community? Currently they are outside on the grounds until it rains or the heat reaches over 100 degrees.

What every modern university has at its hub is a campus center and library for the 21st Century.



This April, Forman Christian College will break ground on its new, 160,000 square-foot, four-story campus center. The digital library on the first floor will have up to 600 computer work stations for students who don’t have the internet at home and need access to this modern educational tool. Multiple group study areas and smaller research rooms will be provided there, too.


Offices and meeting spaces for the Student Affairs staff and student-led clubs will be housed together on another floor. A coffee shop and cafeteria will provide seating space for 900, relieving constant overcrowding of current facilities. An auditorium accommodating large crowds and rehearsal space for music and drama groups are planned in this new facility.


In short, it will be the campus “living room and dining room” for interaction, intellectual growth and a witness to the nation of Pakistan that Forman is flourishing at every level. We are currently accepting multi-year gifts and pledges to our FREE to FLOURISH fund for this and our regular program of scholarships and support of our key mission personnel. If you can help us in anyway, I would welcome the chance to talk or visit, and share more with you about this exciting vision.


With Great Gratitude for Your Partnership,

Rev. Samuel Schreiner III
Executive Director

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