Dear Friends,

This summer I had a special chance to be a resource for some “unmet friends” from South Asia.  A board member asked if I could find a translator for some Afghan minors who were landing in Washington, DC that week. Networking with both mission and government friends I knew, we found a volunteer who could help these refugees who were being flown to the US and needed help to hear words of comfort and welcome.


It felt good to lend a hand in a small way. Being part of a network of caring people can change a life and brighten our world. I think many of you know that already because you are part of our network of care we extend to the students and staff of Forman Christian College.

You have helped us give relief to our community in COVID and you are helping build a campus center for the thousands of students who are on our campus each day. A student may spend 3 hours in a classroom daily, but they will spend the same amount of time in the library. They will spend more time in the cafeteria, performing arts center, women’s lounge, or student services office. Forman’s new campus center will house all of these functions, and will be a great center of welcome, help, and community aiding in the intellectual, moral, and social formation of our students. Each and every gift given from our network will undergird the Forman mission for generations to come. Thank you for being a part of this significant construction of the largest building on Forman’s campus.

As I write this letter of appreciation to you, I’m pleased to share that we have raised about $9,000,000 of the $10,800,000 needed to complete the campus center. If you would like to help us with a “finish and furnish” gift, please know we value ALL gifts, regardless of size. For stock gifts, please reach out to me or our CFO, Mrs. Sandy O’Meara (someara@friendsofforman.org.) Together, we are welcoming more “unmet friends” into the unique Forman experience of tolerance and love.

Rev. Sam Schreiner
Executive Director
Friends of Forman Christian College



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