Being a woman in a third world country like Pakistan is a continuous struggle. You are forced to break the stereotypes to get a comfortable life in this patriarchal society. Since childhood, I had realized that I cannot depend on anyone but myself. And for that, my only way out was education. That is why I always prioritized my education in life by getting good grades both in school and now here in FCCU too with 3.82 CGPA. I think learning life skills are a crucial thing, but getting a formal education is essential to make your way in today’s competitive world.


There are three reasons why I chose FCCU for Baccalaureate. Firstly, a sister of mine is an FCCU alumna. She graduated in 2011 in BS Physics. So, I was inspired from her at a young age. Secondly, subject wise, I am majoring in Political Science. I knew FCCU has the best faculty and course criteria after LUMS in all Pakistan. FCCU was definitely a priority to go after. Thirdly, FCCU has produced Pakistan’s elite bureaucrats, businessman, politicians, educationalists, etc.  To become one of them was also a big inspiration to pursue studies at here.

For the past 30 years, my father had been the earning head of the family but now he is completely jobless. He worked as a civil contractor. Now my elder sister is bearing all expenses of home including other siblings. She’s the only one looking after family and being there for all. I have five siblings including myself. Four sisters and one brother. One sister is married, two other sisters are engaged and are about to get married next year. My brother is studying MS in Media Engineering. I am the youngest enrolled in FCCU now in third semester.


When my father refused to take responsibility for my educational expenses of Baccalaureate, my eldest sister stepped in. She enrolled me here and was bearing all hostel and tuition fees including pocket money. I had to apply for financial aid.


FCCU has helped me not only financially but also in terms of personality development and improved critical mental abilities. The educational system that FCCU offer its students meets international standards. Students who spend their four golden years here tend to be more confident, eloquent, and inspiring.


Currently I’m majoring in BS Political Science. FCCU’s Political Science Department prepares its students to have strong political savvy.

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