We often talk about the word ministry as it applies to the spiritual side of life. In fact, it is much broader than this. Part of ministering to a community is a commitment to keeping people healthy, physically and emotionally. In 2013, FCC decided it was time to truly minister to the health and welfare of its community by finding the funds to build a new health center on campus. There was a “clinic”, of sorts, on campus, comprised of two storage rooms that had been re-purposed. In no way was this a satisfactory facility for a community of more than 7,000 people. After partnering with Noroton Presbyterian Church in Darien, CT, individual donors, and an anonymous Christian Foundation, Mercy Health Center was built.


It is important to remember that a number of our college students are not from Lahore; they come from small rural villages where medical care, particularly preventative medical care, is rare. It is the mission of Mercy Health Center to not only deal with day-to-day issues of colds and flu, but to educate our students and other community members on what good preventative care means. Another aspect of care, personal counseling, is often a new experience for many. What we have found is that all levels of care have been resoundingly embraced. Currently, the Mercy staff sees 40 – 50 people a day!


From the humble beginnings of the two storage rooms this clinic grew to a small 8 room building, including a waiting area, two medical exam rooms, an office, a patient room with space for three beds and room for the counseling center. Through two generous grants in received in 2016 from Blessings International and Noroton Presbyterian Church, FCC now has the funding to add a much-needed second floor to Mercy. This expansion began on July 1, 2016 with a target completion date in the fall. This will provide dedicated space for a dental clinic, pharmacy and additional space for the counseling center.

Mercy Health Center is open and staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no charge to see the doctor, nurse or nurse assistant; only a valid campus ID is needed for current students, employees and campus residents to seek services. Here one can receive treatment of minor injuries and illnesses, medical referrals and guidance, vaccinations, information for those living with chronic illnesses, and participate in seminars on a variety of healthy living topics. The counseling center provides individual, confidential sessions as well as workshops on a variety of topics like anxiety, anger, stress and self-esteem.


Shawna Person, Health Service Director, says of the care one receives at Mercy Health Center, “Our health is holistic. Body, mind and spirit work together to bring about real health. The vision of Forman is that Mercy Health Center can address all aspects of health.” Given the response we receive on a daily basis, we believe Shawna is correct!


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