When you think of students at Forman Christian College, you think of young men and women of a certain age transitioning from teenagers into adults. In fact, they are only part of the education happening daily at FCC. In September, 2015 FCC opened their on-campus elementary school, the Light of Hope School, an initiative they began in order to educate the children of the poorest Christian staff. This part of the staff, mostly illiterate painters, cleaners and groundskeepers, live with their families in staff housing on campus. For these children and their parents, this school is a dream they dared not consider. Here, their children receive a continuous education, taught by graduates and student teachers from the FCC Education Department, in a brand new building in the safety of our campus, and within walking distance of their homes. 

If you wonder why they built this school, consider these facts: only 6% of all Christians in Pakistan can read or write. Less than this, 4%, complete high school. Imagine the difficulty many Christian students have when they come to FCC to attend college if they have not had a strong primary and secondary education. Remedial classes and tutoring are offered on campus to set these college students up for success. Now imagine what incoming Christian students might be like if they had the advantage of life-long quality education, all taught in English, before arriving for their college studies. This is FCC’s goal; to have these children from illiterate parents receive the education and skills necessary so when the time comes to apply to Forman, they will be ready. The ultimate goal is to see them graduate from Forman and compete for high paying jobs with great responsibility. A position like this not only elevates the individual, but the family, too, as the graduate is better equipped to take care of his or her parents as they age. 

Light of Hope opened last fall with a one-story building housing kindergarten through 5th grade. The goal from the beginning was to add two more floors, allowing enough classroom space to house kindergarten though 10th grade. (In Pakistan, grades 11 and 12 are considered “Intermediate School” which is already part of FCC.) Friends of Forman is happy to report that the expansion construction began June 1, 2016, made possible through the generosity of foundations, churches and individual donors. Both floors will be added, completing the building. The second floor will be ready for classes when classes resume in the fall of 2016, and the third floor is targeted for completion sometime later in the year.


Upon completion, the Light of Hope School will have 16 classrooms, 2 science labs, digital/computer lab, reading room, staffroom and 2 offices. Each classroom has age-appropriate furnishings, whiteboards, bulletin boards, is heated and equipped with good lighting and ceiling fans. Children are made to feel comfortable and safe, and a healthy lunch is provided so they can focus all attention on learning. The cost for those who can afford it is $20US per child per month. Our poorest staff pays about $2US per child per month.


FCC’s goal as a college has always been to educate and improve the lives of their students. With the Light of Hope school they’ve reached further into their community to educate children, changing their lives from an early age, and keeping an eye on the future when we hope they will one day graduate from Forman Christian College. 


Photo gallery below begins with Light of Hope School BEFORE and AFTER Renovation:

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