Most of you know about FCC’s elementary school, Light of Hope (LoH). This school is for the children of the poorest workers who live on our campus. Now in its third year, 251 students are enrolled. Many receive scholarships, paying only $2 or $3 per month. Monthly fees are $25 per child, but their illiterate parents earn only $250 to $300 each month, making the cost of education prohibitive. Seeing a small child read to his or her parents is reward enough; we know this cause is changing lives.

Currently, the school teaches kindergarten through grade 7. A grade level is added each year and by 2020-21 Light of Hope will reach grade 10 and achieve capacity.

Last year Light of Hope was recognized by the Punjab Government as a model school. It is one of three schools in Lahore working with United We Reach; UWR furnished three special spaces, a digital lab, a science lab and an arts & crafts room. This gift of technology puts our young children far ahead of many students in Pakistan.


Steps have been taken to ensure parents are involved at LoH. Parent-Teacher Conferences are now Student-Led Parent-Teacher Conferences. Knowing that their child leads the meeting, parents’ interest has improved significantly. This encourages students to talk about their strengths and weaknesses. This will give them more confidence along with developing speaking skills. The goal for the children of Light of Hope is to one day be admitted to FCC.

Literacy is a problem in Pakistan; current figures show the national literacy rate is 58%. This is skewed by the urban population where education is more available. In the remote parts of the county, literacy is as low as 19%. We have anecdotal evidence that literacy in the Christian population is even lower. Light of Hope children will have the best foundation available with opportunities to grow their interests and talents.


Shawn, in Grade 7, is one such example. Shawn was studying in a local government school before coming to LoH in 2015. Since there is no concept of co-curricular or extra-curricular activities in public schools, no one knew he was a God-gifted artist. Shawn has now won the school’s art competition twice. He has also been in the annual Christmas plays for 3 years. This recognition has not only exposed his hidden talent but has also given him confidence to do well in his studies.


Zeenat, a daughter of one of our Muslim janitors, and a Grade 2 student had been refused admission in public school due to being over age and had lost hope in being admitted to any school. There was no money to send her to a private school where age did not matter. Zeenat came to LoH in 2015 in kindergarten at the age of six. She is currently in Class 2 and is amongst the smartest students of her class. Next year, administrators will assess her for promotion to a class higher so that she can study amongst her peers.


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