Spring 2019

Shandana Waheed is going to Stanford!

You may remember Shandana Waheed, the 2016 FCC graduate who received the Falak Sufi Scholarship awarded by the Hagop Kevorkian Center at New York University. Since completing her Master’s in Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Shandana returned to Lahore to teach at the University of Management and Technology in Lahore. She is also a columnist for the Daily Times (Pakistan.) Her next accomplishment? In February, Shandana received the news she’s been awarded a full scholarship for her Ph.D. at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Congratulations, Shandana!


Rimesha Farooq

I am Rimesha Farooq, a student from 16 series. I would like to share my experience at FCCU as a student and later as a lecturer in the English department at the College.

To have achieved this milestone in my life is an accomplishment that I cannot put into words. These medals are proof of my determination to make my mentors proud. Choosing Education and English Literature as my majors fueled my passion to become a lecturer in the very same place where I completed my education. I was thankful to give back to this community where I received so much experience. This experience catapulted me to receive a full-ride scholarship in Turkey, where I am pursuing a Master’s in Education. I could not have achieved this without the help of my peers, and I owe all my thanks to the inspiring people in my life who assisted me every step of the way.


Kainat Shakil

I have spent, roughly, five years at Forman Christian College as an undergraduate and later a research graduate student. The journey began in 2013, I came to the institution as a transfer student from Government College University, Lahore. Over the course of time, FCCU gave me countless opportunities to grow as an individual through semester abroad scholarship, student-run societies, excellent academic coaching etc.

Today, I am sharing a glimpse of my time at FCCU through this photo of myself and my teammates/life-time-friends (Aneeq and Ayesha) after speaking at the debates final in Lahore. It symbolizes what this institute has given to me: friends like family, confidence, opportunities for critical thinking, leadership qualities and most of all the ability to manage inter and intrapersonal reflections and relations. My university years have definitely played a formative part in my personal and professional development.


Nokhaiz Joseph

If someone asked me today, “What was that one best decision of your life thus far?” Without any doubt, my answer would be, “My admission into FCCU.” I completed my early education from a small city of Taxila. With dreams of doing something big, and fear of being alone in a city with no friends, I started my 4 year journey at FCCU. I remember my shaky legs behind the rostrum while presenting my first ever speech in front of my class.

I remember the time that I sang, without any fear, in front of more than 2,000 Formanites, as the President of the Forman Music Society. How times changed!

FCCU gave me the opportunity to showcase my abilities and to develop my skills, not only on an academic level, but in co-curricular activities as well. FCCU helped me to fulfill my dreams and all that I have learned is still helping me develop my professional skills. Thank you, Forman Christian College!

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