FFCC Welcomes New Board Members for 2021


As is often the case in January, the new year brings changes to the board of Friends of  Forman. We hope you’ll join us in saying goodbye to the outgoing class and getting to know the incoming class.
First, a heartfelt thank you to those who rotated off the board at the end of 2020. This includes Jim Tebbe, former rector of Forman Christian College, John Marr, and Sherry Chaudhry. Each served for two full terms and we are grateful for their guidance and expertise.
We are also grateful for the continued leadership of Mrs. Gaylen Baxter, board chair, and our new vice-chair, Rev. Dr. David Renwick of National Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC.


New to Friends of Forman this year are Rev. Dr. Thomas Taylor, Ambassador (ret) Lewis Lucke, Mrs. Denise Moore, and Mr. John Gill. Coming back onto the board after a year off is Dr. Michael Murphy.


A man of many interests, Rev. Dr. Thomas Taylor joined the Presbyterian Foundation as president and CEO in 2010. Prior, Tom was Deputy Executive Director for Mission at the Presbyterian Mission Agency and previously worked as both a pastor and an attorney.


Currently active in business with Grainster LLC and Fuelie Systems Inc., Ambassador (ret) Lewis Lucke served overseas for thirty years with USAID and the US Department of State. He served as US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Swaziland and in the U.S. Foreign Service in ten countries. He was USAID Mission Director in Bolivia, Jordan, Haiti, and Iraq.


Denise Moore became the executive director of the Independent Presbyterian Church Foundation in Birmingham, Alabama in 2015. Much of her career prior to IPCF was spent in the corporate sector. As a CPA, she held positions at Time Inc. and its subsidiary, Southern Progress Corporation, serving as VP of Finance for twelve publishing divisions. She also has extensive audit experience through her time at Ernst & Young.


John Gill enjoyed a thirty-six year career in international banking, retiring in 2019 as an executive director in the Financial Institutions Group at Standard Chartered Bank. A member of Noroton Presbyterian Church, he has traveled with them both on mission trips (Kenya, Tanzania) and on tours to Israel and Jordon.


To read the full bios on these and the rest of the board, click here.


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