2021 FFCC Annual Report - Download Here 

Dear Friends,


With the US withdrawal and instability in neighboring Afghanistan, your prayers and support for Forman’s mission in Pakistan are more important than ever. Please read about how God has sustained us through this very difficult year as we remained faithful to our unique call to educate men and women, Christians, Muslims, and others, in a tolerant and welcoming environment.    

The last year was indeed one for prayer, partnership, and placing our trust in God. What else can one do in a worldwide pandemic, right? We knew that COVID would make educating students and affording that education much harder this year in Pakistan. Once again, we turned to our faithful partners and asked you to make sacrificial gifts for scholarships, safety for those facing COVID realities, and continued construction on Forman’s campus as enrollment continues to grow. You responded with incredible generosity and gracious support for Forman and its unique educational mission.


I am pleased to share with you that our COVID relief fund receipts were more than double what we hoped to raise! Scholarship gifts also topped our expectations this year. Churches, individuals, and foundations were all exceedingly generous. We know these are answers to our prayers and the prayers of our partners in Pakistan because COVID has affected their economy and situations terribly. But even a pandemic cannot hold back the dreams of the next generation or the determination of the Forman faculty to educate our students, whether on campus or online. FCCU successfully finished the spring semester in late June and now looks forward to welcoming another large class this fall.


Forman’s miraculous rise continues because of your many gifts of all sizes and giving frequencies that enable us to fund this mission today and even into the future with contributions to our endowment fund. Thank you for partnering with us and supporting this educational mission that teaches Pakistani students under the school motto – by love serve one another.


Click here or on the photo to download your digital copy of the 2021 Friends of Forman Annual Report.

Your Partner and Friend,

Rev. Sam Schreiner
Executive Director
Friends of Forman Christian College



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