Let’s hear from a FCCU MPhil student, Hamid, as he shares his story about being a student at FCCU. Hamid suffers from a debilitating eye illness but he is still bravely continuing with his studies. There are many such students in need of financial support. 


Being a differently-abled student, I would like to share my perspective of my journey at FCCU. The first time I heard about FCCU from a person was a dear friend of my father. We met in a family function where he nostalgically shared about his college days at FC College. He was the one who brought it to my attention that FCCU has the finest blend of different people and this place is the hub of cultural diversity. I had never heard of a place where such diversity was living in harmony! That was the time when I promised to myself that one day I will be the part of this prestigious institute. 


Apart from its diverse culture, it has the most competent teaching faculty. For us students to excel, our education should equip us with tools that can make us presentable on an international level. The Department of Environmental Sciences has foreign teachers and this enables the student to get an international exposure. Apart from academics, I would say that we are taught how to interact with people from different religion, cast and creed which is the best thing about FCCU.


I’m a student of MPhil Environmental Sciences and my passion for this field is due to my interest in observing eco-systems interact with each other. I used to be a Ravian (alumni from Government College University in Lahore) but ever since I have come to FCCU, I feel immense pride being a Formanite. FCCU & GC almost share the same historical importance, however, FCCU has an American touch to it and I am always fascinated by the cultural diversity that this place has to offer. I have a best friend who is a Christian and for me, the real beauty of our friendship is the harmony and unity it entails


There’s just so much to FCCU that makes it such a significant place in my life. The fact that we have such kind teachers and genuinely the most humble human beings present here is so inspiring. My department comprises of foreign faculty and I’m very impressed by their knowledgeable backgrounds and how are they always available for discussions and guiding their students. Our teachers cooperate with us and build a strong rapport with their students. Most of them have turned into our mentors and I especially look up to Sir Ishtiaq Qazi. For me, his generosity is beyond this world. I have always felt that in other universities, we cannot even talk to our teachers. We aren’t given such a space or comfort zone. Here, our teachers are truly dedicated and one of them made sure that I didn’t quit my studies when I couldn’t afford to meet my dues for studies. I have never seen someone so selfless and kind. 


I suffer from a severe eyesight problem which has turned into partial blindness and I have been through several surgeries to overcome this disability. Taking into account all my medical expenses, it has been difficult for my family to financially support my studies. Despite all these hurdles, I am currently conducting my research based on ‘Ground Water Arsenic Treatment’ and I don’t know how to express my gratitude towards my teachers whose support and encouragement has given me the confidence to stand tall today.


Thank you for your scholarship donations which give students like Hamid the opportunity to fulfill their dreams through education at Forman Christian College.


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