It all began in 2011, when I completed my A levels from Divisional Public School, Dera Ghazi Khan, and started applying for a Bachelors program to various universities. I was clear to the extent of what disciplines I wanted to pursue, but nothing more than that of course, as I was straight out of college where people around only talked about appearing in either ‘MCAT’ or ‘ECAT’, which is a test for entering a medical school and an engineering school respectively. Studying any subject other than Natural Sciences or Mathematics was not less than a taboo, but deep down, I knew that they were not meant for me.


I wished to study literature, history, political science and everything else that I could. As luck would have it, I eventually got in Forman Christian College. The realization that it was the best I could get in the terms of diversity of subjects and the quality of faculty came much later. Nonetheless, the experiences of learning, reading and writing had started soon after entering FCCU. The departments had a great deal to offer to the students, with a spectrum of courses being taught by one of the best faculty in Lahore.


The entire process of learning that I underwent at FCCU, over a period of four years, prepared me for the phases that followed. Graduating from FCCU with M.Shafi medal, for scoring the highest CGPA in Social Sciences gave me that confidence and basic required skills to enter in Heidelberg University, Germany, for a Masters in South Asian Studies, which was no more than a dream coming true. 

Interestingly, before leaving for Heidelberg, I managed to appear for Central Superior Services Examination. With all the highs and lows, and successes and failures, I stood 14th across the country, in supposedly one of the toughest examination systems of Pakistan.


It goes without saying that FCCU played an integral role in shaping me as a student of various subjects, in giving me a perspective, in providing the adequate training and in imparting the absolutely necessary skills, which form the foundation of an enlightened, responsible citizen in general and a student in specific.


I wish more power and strength to the institute and its faculty and administration for changing lives and shaping individuals, who are the future of the country, and who, in various walks of life, in multifarious positions and capacities, will be serving one another with love.



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