Class of 2020
Majors: Environmental Sciences/Christian Studies


I belong to a family where freedom is important, but it is only possible through education. My family itself is well-educated and understands the importance of education. My education means the freedom for me to pursue my dreams and ambitions and be an independent individual who does not have to depend on anyone.


I have been very fascinated with FCC since a very young age. The faculty and the international standards which are practiced at FCC were well known to me. It was my elder brother’s dream to study at FCC and he did. He graduated last December in 2017, but as was the will of God, he passed away three months ago. Following in his footsteps, studying at FCC became my dream as well which my parents also supported.


Both my parents work in a religious organization. My father is the Director of Sunday School Ministry and an Evangelist while my mother works part time with the ministry. Higher studies in a private university is not financially affordable since all of us siblings were pursuing higher studies at the same time. My parents work with a religious organization and their salary is not sufficient to pay for our education and living expenses at the same time so I had to apply for financial aid. I am grateful to FCC for providing me with the financial aid I direly needed in order to continue my studies here.


FCC has not only helped me in my financial issues but it also helped me in gaining a lot of confidence in every way possible. It started with giving presentations and later making friends with different backgrounds and from other regions in Pakistan. I learned boxing at FCC in 2016 and it was another amazing experience. It is not only character building but it helped me in acquiring skills which I had never even imagined. Recently I got trained for Rescue 1122 through my course of Environmental Sciences. On the other hand, Christian Studies are helping me to look at things from a different level and question the things I`ve been listening to throughout my life.


As I was bought up in a pure missionary environment, I always looked at life being precious in the work of God. Nature made me think about the existence of God more closely. I took this amazing combination of majors to become a missionary and work for the environment at the same time. Environmental issues are global which is my passion while spreading the word of God is a global need as well. I would love to work with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the future as a Pakistani representative.

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