Seeking a new President/Rector of Forman Christian College

Founded in 1864 by the US Presbyterian Missionary Charles Forman, Forman Christian College has had a great history of educating Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians in an atmosphere of interfaith tolerance and harmony.  The school is one of the oldest educational institutions in Pakistan.  Many famous graduates emerged from Forman, some of whom became Supreme Court Justices, Presidents and Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan including Pervez Musharraf. 

Since 1902 Forman has been co-educational and today over 7,700 men and women study on the beautiful and safe 108-acre campus.  All education was nationalized in 1972 and Forman was no exception.  However it was returned to church ownership in 2003 and has been pursuing a US-style liberal arts and sciences curriculum under the last two US Rectors (Presidents) - Dr. Peter Armacost and Dr. James Tebbe.  Instruction is in English and 45% of the 325 faculty have PhDs. 

Housing will be provided on campus and compensation will be commensurate with past experience.

Interested candidates should apply to Friends of Forman Christian College (who is conducting this search) by emailing your resume and letter of application to:

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2019 Friends of Forman Annual Report


2019 Forman Christian College Annual Report