It didn’t matter that it was raining on the day we were scheduled to visit the Light of Hope (LOH) School on the campus at FCC. We were excited to experience this special school and meet students. Light of Hope has now been open for three years. It was built through gifts from foundations, churches, and individuals in the U.S.


At the beginning of the academic year, there were 275 children enrolled in classes from Pre-K through 8th grade. They add another level each year and will reach their maximum (10th grade) in two years.


These students are almost all children of the lowest paid employees at FCC. Mostly illiterate and Christian, these workers keep the campus clean, orderly, and green. Their children will have a very different life than that of their parents’ thanks to the excellent education they receive at LoH.


We toured the digital classrooms and the technology labs used for the youngest of these children. Funding for the equipment in these rooms came from United We Reach, an NGO focusing on improving education. Their involvement helped make Light of Hope a School of Excellence as recognized by the Punjab government and it is now a model for schools throughout the province.


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