If you recognize his name, it’s because Doug Trimble served at FCCU once before. 

From 2008 to 2013, Doug was the Director of Assessment and Institutional Research. How did he find his way to Lahore in 2008? Long a believer that God opens doors, Doug, his wife Margy, and their three children found themselves looking for something fulfilling and educational to do as Doug approached a year-long sabbatical from Eastern University. They found it at Forman Christian College.

One year became five, at which time the Trimbles came home to the US. There were adult parent issues to attend to, and Doug returned to Eastern University to teach psychology. Children started heading off to college, and Margy began working as executive director of Friends of Presbyterian Education Board in Pakistan. The tie to Pakistan remained strong.
A couple of years ago, a conversation began. Would Doug consider coming back to FCCU as the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs? Life is different now, family health issues resolved, and the last daughter leaves for college this fall. The answer to FCCU is a resounding yes. God opened another door.
What does the Forman Christian College vice-rector do? According to the FCCU webpage, this person is the “chief academic officer of the university and oversees the development and implementation of university-wide academic policies. The vice-rector also oversees the faculty, research activities, and supports faculty and academicians in furthering innovation in teaching and learning.”
That’s a big description, and when asked what his top three priorities are, Doug replied:

  • Listen and learn. What is happening? How do I support and build upon the existing strengths?
  • Renew the connections from his previous time at FCCU. Make new ones.
  • Host people in their home on campus. Share a meal and quality conversation. Learn who they are. What is meaningful and essential to them?

When asked about goals, he said he is resisting setting them in advance of arriving. He wants to get a “lay of the land” first. Academic life will be unusual during this time of COVID-19, and he needs to see what the FCCU way of dealing with it is. Understanding that it is a difficult time for all, Doug wants to maximize support for the faculty, build research capacity, and enable FCCU students to flourish.

The plan is for Doug to start his new role in July and travel to Lahore as the medical situation allows, hopefully in August. Margy will join him on campus once their daughters settle in at their respective colleges. He sees this opportunity to contribute his academic skills and be part of the high-quality education FCCU offers as a great call from God, and they welcome your prayers as they return to Forman this year.


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