Awakening Hearts and Minds


Those in the West recognize that some of the most formative learning in college takes place outside of the classroom. This holds true at Forman Christian College. In fact, one of the most valuable experiences we provide is the opportunity for students of different faiths, ethnicities, and regions to interact. It is a challenge to foster this outside of the classroom, however, because of limited space. The 4,000 students in our university program have one dining hall that holds 450. When the weather is mild, students are able to gather outside on the athletic fields. During the rainy season and in the heat, students crowd into classroom buildings' corridors, where they sit on the floor to talk, work on group projects, and conduct club meetings. Hallway floors are not conducive to any of these activities; furthermore, busy, noisy hallways can be disruptive to the learning happening inside classrooms.

By supporting Free to Flourish, you will help alleviate these issues, allowing us to construct a modern university Campus Center. Envisioned as a "campus living room and dining room; it will be a first -of-its-kind facility in Pakistan.


The new air-conditioned Campus Center will house:

•    A 160,000-square-foot digital library with a Wi-Fi network that will make the library's resources available throughout the building. Both the library and Wi-Fi will vastly expand space for study and group projects.
•    An additional cafeteria that seats 600 and a coffee shop that holds 300-nearly tripling our dining hall capacity.
•    Lounge space on four floors that will accommodate 2,000 people, including separate areas for male and female students-important for women who wear hijab and want an opportunity to take off their head scarves and relax..
•    An auditorium that can be subdivided, with appropriate spaces for lectures and performances.
•    Rooms where the university's 33 student clubs and organizations can meet.
•    Offices for all of our dynamic and expanding student affairs staff.
•    Rehearsal space for music and drama groups.
•    A bookstore.
•    A project center for student groups and class projects, with supplies available for purchase.
•    Banking facilities.

The Campus Center will be a true headquarters for student life. It will be a place where students hone soft skills, such as working on teams, coordinating meetings and events, and resolving conflicts. This new facility will serve as a crossroads where students of all faiths, along with faculty and staff, interact throughout the day. It will help students build relationships with peers that will last a lifetime.