Dear Friends of Forman,


With so many significant needs in our world today we sincerely appreciate your incredible generosity to the students and work of Forman Christian College. The gifts we received this year contributed to Forman’s continuing positive record educating the next generation of leaders in Pakistan to be ingrained in the values of mutual respect, interfaith harmony, tolerance, and love. Specifically, your gifts in the last year helped Forman Christian College accomplish the following:

  • 751 Baccalaureate degrees conferred in November 2019 (318 to women, and 96 to Christians)
  • 171 Graduate degrees bestowed in February 2020 (MS/MPhil/PhD) (119 to women, and 19 to Christians)
  • $1,130,124 total scholarship dollars awarded (includes $300,000 from Friends of Forman.) $396,955 scholarship dollars awarded to women and $611,279 to Christians
  • 275 students enrolled in September at the on-campus Light of Hope Elementary School where children of the lowest paid workers are educated
  • Funding for two endowed scholarships in the names of Jim & Beth Tebbe,and Cheryl Burke
  • A job fair held in February brought 108 local and national potential employers to campus to interview students
  • Contributions of almost $100,000 to alleviate unexpected challenges brought by COVID-19
  • Select and fund specialized training for FCCU’s next rector, Dr. Jonathan Addleton
  • Launch a new video promoting Forman’s context and impact (click here to watch)
  • Funding the start of the campus center/digital library construction project (completion date in 2021). 

Forman is now positioned to offer unique educational leadership to other colleges and universities in Pakistan. It brings hope and help where it is needed most - training a new generation with the values of respect and tolerance. Thank you for generously supporting this strategic endeavor.  
With Great Gratitude,

Rev. Sam Schreiner
Executive Director
Friends of Forman Christian College

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