Why Are We Building A Campus Center/Digital Library At Forman?


  1. In this digital age, an internet-connected library makes the most sense for a modern university like Forman. Work stations and periodical licenses will grant our students access to the best scholarship found all over the world. One book for 8,500 students to share can’t compete with this.
  2. Existing student spaces for eating, studying, and club meetings are way too overcrowded or non-existent. A campus center is the “living room” of the home, and we now need one to accommodate a student body of 8,000-9,000 students.
  3. To serve our students - offices for advising, counseling, coordinating activities, and a private lounge for women would work best in one central location. This building will make these activities and positive mentoring possible. We will also add increased auditorium space, allowing us to host more events. The campus center will be a place to entertain guests and make friendships that last for a lifetime.

Right in the heart of the campus grows the new campus center. Please help us by making a gift of any size, allowing this dream to come true.

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