On March 15, 2019, our 10-day tour will commence as we leave to explore the Biblical and historic sites of Jordan and Israel in a modern-day pilgrimage.  First-rate guides will be with us to explain the historic backgrounds of these lands that have been fought over by kings and conquerors for thousands of years.  We will tour in modern motor coaches and stay at some of the most charming and historic accommodations found in these countries known for their hospitality.  The American Colony, where we will stay in Jerusalem, was a favorite of Lawrence of Arabia, Winston Churchill, and even Bob Dylan!  We will stand where Moses first viewed “the promised land,” swim in the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth), and stand at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, knowing that we are touching walls that were there in the time of Jesus.   There is no place on earth that can put one in touch with the settings of their faith like these lands.

This tour will be limited to 36 people to increase the intimacy and ease of traveling.  Pilgrim Tours has made all of our arrangements and is offering this trip at the very reasonable rate of $3,950 a person, airfare from NYC included.  Jim and Beth Tebbe along with Sam and Deb Schreiner look forward to sharing with you our love of these lands and our insights into the faiths that find themselves crossing paths all over this region.  We will see where Moses first viewed the promised land, the cities King David conquered and built, and the places often mentioned in the ministry of Jesus.  For more information contact Cathy Thorgerson at 603-566-1066 or email her at  To reserve your spot now go to our website at and register today.

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