Friends of Forman is pleased to share the news that it’s Executive Director, Rev. Sam Schreiner, was elected to a three-year term on FCC’s Board of Directors. He is one of two representatives of the Presbyterian Church (USA) on the 15-member Christian Board of Directors. 

Established by a Memorandum of Understanding with the Presbyterian Church when they were given ownership of the school in 2003, the board is composed of Pakistani Christian leaders and oversees the direction of the school, sets policies for the welfare of the college, manages the process for selecting and evaluating the Rector in the performance of his (or her) duties, approves building plans, receives gifts and provides for the maintenance of the facilities. The board also adopts and oversees the overall budget of the school to ensure it can accomplish its mission. Because of the unique mission nature of the college, this board is also charged with ensuring the welfare of the Christian community at Forman.


Sam is honored to serve in this capacity and looks forward to working more closely with the Pakistani leadership of the college. He will continue his duties as the Executive Director of the Friends of Forman in the United States while also serving Forman Christian College in this new capacity.

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