Pakistan­ Flooding Affects Over 30 ­Million ­People:
FCCU Helps Rebuild Lives

The news, videos, and images coming from Pakistan this past week about the devastating flooding are especially tragic. As a beloved Friend of Forman Christian College, I assume that you, like me, see this news with eyes are that are particularly empathetic. Perhaps like me, you wonder if these floods have affected the FCCU campus? Have students and staff been directly impacted? If so, is there any way I can help?

The good news is that other than some ponding of water on the athletic fields, the campus has not experienced any damage to date. FCCU is out for summer break, so there are few students on campus. Campus administrators are checking on students from the affected areas to see if they or their families are in need of aid. The current situation has been described as a, “humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.”

Here are some quick facts about the flooding in Pakistan:

  • Over 1,000 people have died countrywide (a third of them were children)
  • Over 33 MILLION people have been affected (one in seven of the country’s population)
  • Almost one third of the country is literally under water.
  • Estimates suggest that the floods have caused at least TEN BILLION DOLLARS in damage.

Wanting to do its part to address the devastation and human suffering the Forman campus community is launching a fund-raising effort of its own, providing opportunities for faculty, students and staff to contribute to a Forman-initiated flood relief effort. Proceeds from this effort will be channeled toward a reputable Pakistani NGO with a track record of success working in areas of the country directly affected by the flooding.

We will keep you informed of the impact of these floods during the coming weeks, both in Pakistan and at FCCU. For now, we are gratified that Forman itself is taking the lead in looking for ways to address the impact of flooding in Pakistan more broadly, providing opportunities for the Forman community to advance in practical terms its long-standing motto: "By Love Serve One Another".

As a Friend of FCCU, you may want to lift Pakistan and her people out of the flood water. All of us can pray for Pakistan, and for all those directly impacted by this flooding. Some of you may want to join the students, faculty, and staff in making a financial gift to help alleviate the widespread suffering. To make a gift securely online, please click here or use the donate button provided.

Praying Together for Pakistan,



Rev. Dr. Roger A. Dermody
Executive Director
Friends of Forman Christian College



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