Forman Christian College is now tackling the renovation of its sixth and final 1940s era on-campus hostel. These long-awaited complete renovations have expanded housing capacity in each hostel from 94 to 141 students with a Faculty Guardian (residence director) and student RAs (one senior for every 35 residents) providing western style mentoring and community.

These residence halls, along with Hope Tower for women built in 2014, allow Forman to house students from all over Pakistan. Room and board fees provide additional income to the college moving it toward self-sustainability.

Newton Hall, named for the missionary who accompanied Charles Forman into the Punjab in the mid 1800s, is scheduled to be open for residents this fall. Once completed, FCC will have increased on-campus housing capacity in these 6 hostels by 46% (from 581 to 846.) Only Ewing Hall, located off-campus in the center of Lahore, remains to be renovated. 


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