Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) held an inauguration ceremony for its new Rector, Dr. Jonathan S. Addleton, on Saturday, October 31, 2020.

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It was a gathering attended by a limited number of faculty and staff in conformity with COVID-19 SOPs. The main event, the installation ceremony, was preceded by an academic procession led by Chairman FCCU Board of Directors Dr. Qaiser Julius. This was followed by welcome notes by Dr. Julius and FCCU Registrar Brig. (R) Dr. Nayer Fardows.


In his introductory remarks, Chairman FCCU Board of Directors Dr. Julius Qaiser noted that the transition of leadership in institutions and organizations is very critical and appreciated the fact that FCCU has set a remarkable example by ensuring a smooth change of leadership from one rector to the other, calling it a “wonderful tradition”.


The installation ceremony was led by FCCU’s Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Douglas Trimble, who read the installation statement. During this ceremony, Dr. Addleton was presented with the University insignia, Rector’s sash, a copy of the University charter and a symbolic key to the University, by the outgoing Rector, Dr. James A. Tebbe and Dr. Julius. The inaugural declaration was read on the occasion by Dr. Julius.


Meanwhile, outgoing Rector Dr. Tebbe expressed his “wholehearted endorsement” for the leadership of Dr. Addleton and said he will represent FCCU well to outside bodies. He praised Dr. Addleton’s ability to quickly establish links and connections and wished him well in his new role as FCCU Rector.


In his inaugural address, Dr. Addleton thanked his predecessor, Dr. Tebbe for his visionary and tireless leadership that has made FCCU a quality educational institution that it is today. Noting that he was beginning a new chapter of his life in Pakistan “as the custodian and steward of FCCU, an outstanding University, he said, “We are conscious of our role as the only minority-led University in Pakistan. We’re also well aware of the important part we can play demonstrating creative and alternative approaches to higher education. Among other things, we have seen the transforming power of a broad-based Liberal Arts education model and demonstrating its relevance for Pakistan which has a huge demand for education at all levels.”


Dr. Addleton said FCCU wanted to contribute to the progress and development of Pakistan and is already helping connect the country to the world. Expanding on this point, he said, “It was the recognition of FCCU’s vital contribution to the field of education in Pakistan that played a key role in its denationalization hardly two decades ago.”


 “Looking ahead, I promise to be a tireless ambassador for Forman, representing the University to many audiences around the world, always ready and always willing to talk about Forman,” he said.


Dr. Addleton will assume his responsibilities from November 1. He is a graduate of Murree Christian School in Pakistan. The first 18 years of his life were spent in Pakistan. He has a PhD from Tufts in International Relations and has served 32 years in the Foreign Service of the US. He was USAID Director in Pakistan from 2006-7 during the reconstruction after the devastating earthquake in the northern areas. He has been an ambassador to Mongolia as well as holding senior and head of mission positions with USAID.


His publishing credits include a memoir of his childhood in Pakistan, ‘Some Far and Distant Place’, ‘Undermining the Centre: The Gulf Migration and Pakistan’. He speaks Urdu and Hindi and has studied French, Russian, Arabic and Mongolian.

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