On Saturday, November 24th, 2018, Forman Christian College held their fifteenth annual graduation since being denationalized in the early 1970s. It was a day of great pride and celebration as families, friends, and honored guests saw 895 degrees awarded to graduates. Please pray for our graduates' next steps.


Of those, there were 729 Baccalaureate degrees, 162 MPhil and master’s degrees and 2 PhD candidates. Women received 43% of all degrees conferred with 388 (289 Baccalaureates and 99 postgraduates.) Christians received 11% with 101 (74 Baccalaureates and 27 postgraduates.)  

In addition to diplomas, there were 39 Certificates of Distinction awarded to top postgraduate students. Seven students were awarded Roll of Honor for performance in co-curricular activities, and 14 students were presented the Outstanding Student Awards.


FCC also celebrated their own with faculty and staff awards presented for Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Customer Service Awards. 


The commencement address was given by College Rector, Dr. Jim Tebbe. Taking part in the ceremony were Cheryl Burke, Chief Student Services Officer, and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Professor Joseph Sun. Also on the platform were the deans of major departments at FCC.


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