#GivingTuesday 2021

Goals Met And Lives Will Be Changed!

Thank you for your generosity over the last two days. Your willingness to embrace our need and dig deep to transform women’s lives at Forman Christian College brought both joy and tears (the good kind) to us. Thanks to you, on #GivingTuesday2021 we hit our goal of $10,000 and earned the match for a total of $20,000!


A current student wants you to know that “my family’s financial stability was very uncertain throughout this time of #COVID-19 as there was only one source of income while the food & grocery prices and bills were sky high. Since the start of COVID -19 and till this month I have not been able to save money for paying my fee.”


Taking the financial pressure off of an academically capable but financially struggling student will make all the difference in her young life.

We are grateful for your support!

Sam Schreiner
Executive Director
Friends of Forman Christian College

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