Forman’s Covid-19 Impact – Latest News From The Campus

In his report to the Friends Board, Dr. Jim Tebbe wrote that this spring all FCCU programs were showing impressive increases. International academic conferences held on campus grew in size, quality, and produced great external collaboration. A successful job fair was held on campus in February with 108 companies represented. Then COVID-19 fell like a hammer.


Pakistan first closed the universities, then the borders with Iran and Afghanistan. Now, international travel is banned. Shelter in place orders came, and construction of the campus center has been temporarily halted. In a true FCCU moment, an on-campus drive for cash donations was organized to help the furloughed day laborers buy food for the next month. Teaching will be online, and the good news is that staff found only 250 of 4,000 university students aren’t able to access the internet.  


Please pray for the 1,500 resident staff and family members on Forman’s campus, especially our international workers who can’t be evacuated now should they have medical emergencies. Lahore, a city of 14,000,000, has only 40 ventilators! Finances will be very tight and yet we trust the Lord who has provided for Forman since 1864 will surely help us now. If you want to help Jim and Forman financially at this time, please give me a call or donate online using the button below. By love serve one another!

Your Friend,

Rev. Samuel A. Schreiner III
Executive Director
Friends of Forman Christian College
Phone: 203-984-3415



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