FCCU COVID-19 Relief & Assistance

Dear Friends of Forman,


The effects of COVID-19 have been felt in many different ways all over our world. For some it was the swift loss of a job in a shut down. For others it was the devastating news of the passing of a beloved near or distant relative. There was even the loss of touch with a church family that stopped meeting in person, or enduring school from home with faulty internet service. Every change was a challenge, every loss was magnified by this pandemic.


In Pakistan it was no different, except one must throw in the challenges of extreme poverty. When the shutdown in Pakistan happened, 70% of all Christians were day laborers who immediately lost their only income. Of Christian families, 60% report they have exhausted all savings. Churches saw their revenues drop by 80%. COVID-19 has not been as severe in spread or death tolls as in the US, but it has certainly been devastating to the personal finances of the poorest populations including the majority of Christians in Pakistan. The price of a vaccine, when it is more widely available, will be out of the reach of most day laborers. Where we see the threat of COVID-19 receding in the US in 2021, the battle is far from over for our friends in Pakistan.


This is why Friends of Forman is announcing a new COVID-19 relief and assistance fund for Forman Christian College. Our goal is to raise $15,000 for masks, sanitizer, plexiglass barriers, and vaccines for low income campus workers. This will enable our staff and students to carry on and allow the school to operate safely when the campus reopens this spring. All gifts can be sent to Friends of Forman, COVID-19 Relief Fund, 3434 Roswell Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30305 or made  through our website at www.FriendsOfForman.org/Donate.

Thank you and God Bless,

Rev. Sam Schreiner
Executive Director
Friends of Forman Christian College

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