Class of 2020

Major: Biological Sciences


Education is the ability to think, apply it in the world and to know the value of life. It is a necessity for me to be able to support my family. As a female, it is even more important to be well-educated to have stability, equality and to become independent and be financially self-sufficient. Education can help turn our dreams into reality and take us to the greatest heights of success and achievement.  For me, attaining a good quality higher education was even more important since I am an orphan. I am supported by my aunt who works as a nurse. I also have two siblings so it was my goal in life to become successful and establish myself so that I could support my family and become self-sufficient.

I chose to enroll in FCCU (Forman Christian College) because it is one of the most prestigious institutions in Pakistan. Being a liberal arts education institute, it was always on the top of my list. The environment here is also free of judgment by appearances and anyone who belongs to any class, socio-economic background, region and religion can get education here. Moreover, I had heard that it offers financial assistance through financial aid to deserving Christian students so it was a golden opportunity for me. 

FCCU provided me with financial aid so I was able to pursue my higher studies without worrying about financial constraints. I will always be grateful to Forman Christian College for coming to my help in my time of dire need. Not only has FCCU helped me financially but it has also groomed me as an individual and as a person. It has made me more tolerant and taught me about plurality and inclusiveness.

In the future, I aspire to become a teacher so that I can help others by educating them. I wish to contribute to the eradication of ignorance in the society and educate others to become tolerant and respectful human beings who can be productive members of society.

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