Fundraising Progress

Check back here for updates on the growth of FREE to FLOURISH. Our banyan tree will turn green as we make headway to our goal.


A new lighthouse of HOPE is being Constructed upon the solid foundation laid more than 150 years ago in Lahore, Pakistan.


You may wonder why you would want to support a Christian college, halfway around the world in Pakistan. I can tell you emphatically that your gift to Forman Christian College will work wonders. For example, your gift will help:

Weaken terrorism: Extremism flourishes in ignorance; it is rooted out through education. At Forman Christian College, students from the country’s different ethnic groups study, work, and socialize together, forming bonds to resist extremes in their own culture.

Empower women: As a coeducational institution, the College is graduating the next generation of female teachers, community leaders and scientists who will, in turn, improve circumstances in Pakistan for all women.

Spread the Christian gospel of love: The College’s motto is “by love, serve one another.” Those of us in the Western world are blessed in the eyes of many. Through Free to Flourish, we can share our blessings and give those who are disadvantaged a life-changing education. Supporting the College is also a tangible way to help a Christian community that has few freedoms and opportunities. Our gifts will empower those who share our faith yet live in a challenging context.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to join me now at this critical juncture to strengthen this unique institution, one that is a wellspring of interfaith harmony in Pakistan and a beacon of hope for the world.

With appreciation,

Rev. Samuel A. Schreiner III
Director, Friends of Forman Christian College

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Our Stories

Adeel Riaz '09

Forman Christian College is an exceptional place. One of the oldest institutions in the region, it is also one of the only liberal arts colleges in Pakistan. Unlike other universities in my country, students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in clubs and societies. This allows them to polish skills that will help later in life.

A Campus Center will make a huge difference to students of this generation. It will be a place to relax, to talk to each other, and meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. It will allow staff to have better interaction with students, provide more leadership opportunities and training, as well as culturally appropriate spaces for students to mingle. I wish we had such a facility when I was a student!


Aroona Arthur '15

As a Christian, I face discrimination in the outside world. On campus at Forman Christian College, I always walked so proudly because we were all equal. I could be friends with Muslims. This is not common other places, and is only one of the extraordinary things that the College provides.

The atmosphere on campus gave me the confidence to explore different opportunities. I was involved with a number of clubs and even had a job on campus—something else that isn’t common in Pakistan—which enhanced my skills and expanded my horizons.

Education like this changes lives, and it will change my country. Forman Christian College must flourish if we are going to realize a better future for Pakistan.



The changes at Forman Christian College over the past 14 years—since its return to Church ownership—are nothing short of miraculous. Thanks to strong administrative leadership and financial support from Friends of Forman, the campus has come back to life: New buildings have opened, and enrollment is strong. To truly flourish, however, Forman Christian College needs partnership and investment from the West.

This is why we are launching FREE to FLOURISH: Building the Foundation for Forman’s Future. This $20-million effort will allow Forman Christian College to take the next step forward in growth and capacity—to become a fully modern 21st-century university. It will provide the financial footing to attract talented faculty, build better facilities, offer more scholarships, and create more opportunities for students to learn, thrive, and become leaders for a future peaceful Pakistan. Your support of Free to Flourish will strengthen this remarkable institution, ensuring that Forman Christian College thrives for the next generation.





Dr. James Tebbe
Rector, Forman Christian College


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