Friends of Forman Christian College Welcomes New Executive Director

Beginning October 1, 2016, Rev. Samuel A. Schreiner III joins Friends of Forman as Executive Director.

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Light of Hope School

In September, 2015 FCC opened their on-campus elementary school, the Light of Hope School, an initiative they began in order to educate the children of the poorest Christian staff. This part of the staff, mostly illiterate, live with their families in staff housing on campus.

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Mercy Health Center

From the humble beginnings of two storage rooms, Mercy Health Center grew to a small 8 room building, including a waiting area, two medical exam rooms, an office, a patient room with space for three beds and room for the counseling center. The second floor expansion began on July 1, 2016...

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Friends of Forman Christian College

Mission Statement

Friends of Forman Christian College (FFCC) is dedicated to supporting quality higher education at Forman Christian College (FCC) in Lahore, Pakistan. We are committed to educating capable students, especially the poor and those marginalized by reason of class, ethnicity, religion or gender. 


Forman Christian College

At A Glance

Forman Christian College is currently the only university in Pakistan offering a liberal arts baccalaureate education, providing a balance of depth and breadth of learning.

All Baccalaureate students take a required number of courses in humanities, physical and natural sciences, mathematics and information technology, and social sciences in addition to their major courses.         

FCC is a liberal arts institution where students of all backgrounds – men and women, Christian and Muslim – interact and learn together. Forman is successfully demonstrating a model of interfaith harmony to a nation and culture historically deeply divided along lines of religion, class and gender.


At Forman Christian College, the institution fully respects individual human dignity and students receive the kind of education they will not receive anywhere else in Pakistan – one which opens their eyes to other worlds.

Jim Tebbe

By love, serve one another.

Galatians 5:13

Academic excellence through a Western style Liberal Arts program, steeped in Christian-based values, both unheard of in Pakistan, is our reason for being.

Michael Murphy

As a Christian institution living by our values, we extend that umbrella of God’s grace offered to all men and women regardless of ethnicity, religion or economic level, whether they are students, staff or faculty.

Jim Tebbe

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